Here's some great news for fans of red wine! Scientists at the Spanish National Research Council believe there is some connection between preventing cavities and drinking red wine. According to the Huffington Post, the research team says that the compound known as polyphenols in red wine has been shown to fight bacterial growth, specifically the kind that causes cavities. In a series of lab experiments, polyphenols seemed to block the formation of glucans, which allow bacteria to stick to the mouth. However, keep in mind that the tests apparently still have to be conducted on humans (bummer) to determine if red wine can indeed benefit the teeth.

A couple of others things that you may want to remember: experts say that red wine may prevent cavities but it also can stain your teeth and white wine apparently isn't good because of its enamel-eroding acid. (At least that's what the 'smart people' say. I say it's a good day to drink from my boxed wine!)