We're going to see some mild temperatures on Sunday and Monday as high temperatures will be in the mid 40s in the Lansing area. That's the good news. The bad news? Those mild temperatures aren't expected to last very long. I mean, come on, it is December in Michigan after all, don't act too surprised.

The National Weather Service says that a cold front will move through the Lansing area next week and on Wednesday, our high temperature will barely make 20 degrees. Along with the "arctic air" next week, they say that we could also see some snow accumulation and some windy conditions. At this point it looks like the counties near Lake Michigan will see more snow than the Lansing area but there's still a chance we could see some accumulation.

So, get out there this Sunday and Monday and enjoy the 'mildish' temperatures because winter is still coming. Click here to see the forecast from the National Weather Service.

Image courtesy of the National Weather Service
Image courtesy of the National Weather Service


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