There have been A LOT of events that have been cancelled for the summer of 2020 and a lot of families are looking for something fun to do. Now I know that it's a little bit of a drive and it's not the cheapest option out there, but here's something fun the family could do together this weekend in Kalamazoo.

Starting this Saturday, June 13th they're going to be showing movies at the Homer Stryker Field in Kalamazoo. Now, normally that baseball field would be busy with some baseball action courtesy of the Kalamazoo Growlers but due to the pandemic, they've been sidelined. So, instead, the field will now be transformed into a drive-in movie experience. The gates will open at 5 pm this Saturday for their first movie, which will be The Lion King. Drive-in tickets will cost you $30 and lawn tickets are $7 per person. And yes, there will be concessions available. Not a fan of The Lion King? They'll also be showing The Sandlot on Sunday, June 14th and they'll be showing Toy Story 4, Captain Marvel and Aladdin next week.

Of course, in order to make this happen, there are quite a few guidelines that they have to follow and that you'll have to follow if you go to one of the movies. You can click here to check out all of the rules, get your tickets and see when all the movies will be happening.

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