Dear Stephanie - How are you? I am fine. Camp sure is boring. Everyone has to wear a mask and you can't play tag anymore, so...

Sorry about that.

Dear Stephanie - Well, here you are - about to give up the thrill and glory of working on the WITTLE Morning Show after, what? 22 years? Of course, I got to the party a little late - only 18 years ago, but it's been a blast. We've seen it all. We've interviewed the famous and the infamous - from Garth Brooks all the way down to Pauley Shore (I think it was right after that the station always ran on a 10 second delay)

We've been in front of thousands of people at concerts - and the next day - battling spiders and mice in the basement of the old WITL White House - stringing CAT-5 cable for our boss, so the computers would work in that place.

I know you remember the time you and I and Randy Travis talked so long (mostly Randy) that he delayed the concert while his band started playing. And Tony Stewart had to tell us all his dirty jokes - and then insisted on telling us more. And that's just a slice of it all.

You will be missed. Over the last 40 years I've worked with a LOT of partners on the radio. You're one of the best. (I would say BEST - but I don't want you getting too cocky - with that TV job and all) We've watched your son and my kids (and some co-workers) grow up - even though your husband and I never do. And did we ever hit the lottery for the big money? No. But you can't buy the fun we had.

Good luck on that new TV show. There will always be an open mic for you on the WITL Morning Show.

Banana Don

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