Next Tuesday (September 10th), the producers of American Idol will be in Detroit at TCF Center (which you might remember as Cobo Center), to hear your audition and launch your career as a Grammy award winning entertainer. Soon you'll be on stage, fireworks going off behind you and in front of thousands of adoring fans.

All because you read my blog post. Please remember the little people.

According to, American Idol hasn't held auditions here since 2013. I hope you've used that time to practice. The auditions will start at 9AM and go until 5PM. You can't camp out in line. You can get signed up online before you go by clicking here.

The rules say you must have a birthday between June 2, 1990 and June 1, 2004. (Good LORD - I've got a Craftsman tool chest older than that!) You have to be a legal U.S. resident and you must not currently be a candidate for public office. So, you'll have to choose between being a U.S. Representative or American Idol.

Good luck - we're counting on you. Here's the story. 

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