Mid Michigan, you are amazing and you always step up to help those in need. Not just during the holiday season, you step up the entire year.

This year consider donating to the Against All Odds Foundation. Against All Odds has a strong mission:

Founded May, 1999 - Against All Odds Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that provide an emotional safe haven for  breast cancer and other cancer survivors.  We at Against All Odds do not believe that a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence; it a re-start of your life as you knew it.

We provide economical support to those that are in need of support for their basic needs to be met and does not fall in the guidelines of the other services available to some.  We help them with their cell phone bills, groceries, rides to treatment, and provide clothing for those women in need of clothing due to a weight gain or loss during treatment.  in some case for those just in need of a make over.

We also provide up to date information on other programs and funding that may be available to those families that are in needs.  We serve the under serve population in the Tri-county area.  We  partner with other Health Care Providers in the community through our  "Passport to Better Health" Symposium to provide them with more up to date information on Cancer treatment updates and other degenerate disease that may or may not effect them and their families..

We support women of all ages, in all stages of breast cancer and other cancers, along with their families; encouraging them to reclaim their lives.  There is life after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Shirley M Carter-Powell, the founder, has taken this non profit to the next level. Visit Lillian's in the Lansing Mall. The store is dedicated to supporting those in need. Lillian's helps the homeless, cancer survivors who are disabled and families in need.

They are doing some amazing things this week and this weekend, you can be a part of it and support the community.

There is a toy drive taking place now through December 15th. This isn't just for kids that like toys, teenagers are included too. Again, all kids should receive a present at Christmas, no matter the age.

via mojo
via mojo

Your donations will do amazing things. No child should go without a present on Christmas. Thank you in advace for your support, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

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