Aaron Watson was two years away from shocking the world when he sat down for this interview, and you can hear his unique blend of swagger and humility. To be honest, not much has changed.

The famous Texan would still tell you a story about wearing his wife's pink nightie if you asked him in 2021, because he knows how to entertain, and because the story ends with some of that aforementioned swagger. Since January 2013, Watson has dropped six studio albums, including The Underdog (2015) — an album that became the first to top the Billboard Country Album chart in who knows how long. It wasn't a big surprise if you were watching and listening.

"Lips" was the song Watson was promoting at the time. It featured his wife in a Las Vegas-themed music video and served as a way of talking about their unique understanding and sense of humor. Relive it all during this episode — Ep. 4 — of the Radio Texas Live Legends Podcast.

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