Back in 2019, after nearly five decades of serving the Jackson community, local favorite Finely's Grill and Smokehouse closed its doors for good. This location wasn't the only one to close permanently, as the Lansing location on west Saginaw also closed its doors.

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The old Jackson Finley's location by Westwood Mall has sat vacant since its closure. Now, Jackson residents can look forward to a new restaurant taking over that space.

New Restaurant Taking Over Old Jackson Finley's Location

According to MLive, Taste of Brazil will take over the location at 1602 W Michigan Avenue. Taste of Brazil is a steakhouse that specializes in Brazilian food.

The manager, Patricia De Paula, is originally from Brazil, and she's "excited to bring this culture here." She's also lived in Jackson for the last 15 years and has dreamed of opening a restaurant for the longest time but didn't have the experience. She'll willing to take this time and learn how to make it happen.

Brazilian Food and Culture is Making its Way to Jackson

She's been cooking traditional Brazilian dishes at home for some time now and is excited to bring them to the public. Not only will the restaurant feature traditional Brazilian food and drink, like rice and beans, but also aspects of Brazilian culture, like music and dancing.

There's still a lot more work to do on the old Finley's building, like remodeling, cleaning, getting new furniture, painting, and more, but the hope is that the restaurant will be open before Thanksgiving.

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