Back before Thanksgiving, one of our Brain Cramp Questions was about vending machines. The question was: "According to a recent survey, the average worker eats $120 of THIS at work each year. What is it?" The answer was 'vending machine food'. Well, this could be a game changer because now there's a vending machine that actually dispenses bacon! (You currently have to go to the evil Ohio State University campus to get it...but's bacon!)

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the bacon vending machine dispenses fully cooked and shelf stable bacon strips or bacon bits for a dollar each. They say that the bacon vending machine will be stocked by students in Ohio State’s meat science program who will also get the proceeds from the bacon vending machine sales.

And, here's that Brain Cramp Question I was referencing. If you follow the Banana & Stephanie Facebook page, you can see all of our questions and answers by the way...


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