It's Election Day 2018. Here are 5 things you'll want to do today to get through it a little bit easier.

  • BrianAJackson/ThinkStock

    Do Your Research

    Even if you've been voting for years, it's important to know what's on the ballot. Take a few minutes before you head out the door to look at your sample ballot. You can find yours by going here.

  • Michael Blann/ThinkStock
    Michael Blann/ThinkStock

    Grab Your Umbrella

    The forecast is calling for some scattered showers throughout the day today and depending on your polling location, you don't want to get rained on when your standing in line or walking into the building.

  • Kim Reinick/ThinkStock
    Kim Reinick/ThinkStock

    Wear Comfortable Clothes

    Depending on your polling location, township proposals and more, you could be waiting in line for an extended period of time today. Wear something comfortable! (And might want to stay away from anything that could be offensive.) You'd probably be safe wearing a Detroit Lions or Detroit Tigers sweatshirt. It seems that everyone is mad at them right now.

  • Christophe Bourloton/ThinkStock
    Christophe Bourloton/ThinkStock

    Zip Your Lip

    Let's face it. Everyone has an opinion but there's always a time and place to share it. Today might be the day to just take a deep breath instead.

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    Leave Early

    Polls in Michigan will be open until 8pm today. However, keep in mind that the state of Michigan is reporting a high level of voters this year. You don't want to procrastinate until the end of the day and possibly wait in a long line of last minute voters.

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