If you're left-handed or know someone who is, then you already understand that having a "leftie" around can sometimes make everyday activities and/or items a little more difficult to navigate. Even a simple handshake is designed for right-handed people.

My son is left-handed and through the years we've discovered some things that drive him (and us) crazy. Here are just a few...


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    The Dinner Table

    Have you ever gone out to eat with a "leftie"? If you don't strategize your seating arrangement, you'll be bumping elbows all through dinner.

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    Notebooks and binders

    Have you ever noticed that all of the spiral notebooks and binders in the store are designed for right-handed people? Try writing as a "leftie" over the big binder rings and spirals and see how that feels...

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    Remember when you were in school and there were only one or two pair of 'left-handed scissors' so you had to wait for the other "leftie" to get done before you could start cutting? Well...that hasn't changed...

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    Sporting Equipment

    Have you ever looked for a left-handed baseball glove at your local sporting goods store? Yep. You're lucky if you find one...


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    This is probably the worst thing of all...studies have shown lefties die up to nine years sooner than righties. Not good news at all.