Let me start by saying that I'm not a 'techie'. I'm one of those people that just wants my phone to stay the same and I really don't like the idea of software updates. Earlier this week, I made the HORRIBLE MISTAKE of installing the new Apple iOS 13.1.2 on my phone. Here are some of the issues that I've already had with the 'update'. You might find my complaints ridiculous but I'm annoyed...

  1. First, no matter what I do, I can't get my phone to sync with my Fitbit. For years I've been able to see who was texting me or calling me by simply looking at my Fitbit. Well, not anymore
  2. The battery life is horrible. I'm not on my phone ALL THE TIME but I do use it a lot and now the battery doesn't seem to last long AT ALL.
  3. This kind of goes along with the battery life complaint. For some strange reason, after 'updating' my phone, now it won't charge by connecting it to some of my other devices. The phone won't charge by plugging it into my old laptop and it won't even charge when I try and plug it into my husband's 'work laptop'. And, when it does charge, it takes forever to get to 100%.
  4. When going through my emails, I used to be able to mark some of my spam emails to the 'move to junk' category. Well, now that option appears to be gone, too.
  5. And finally, the 'update' came with some new unicorn emoji things...really? What the heck am I supposed to do with those?

Apparently, there's been lots of problems with the new update. According to a report from Forbes, many people are finding out about the whole 'charging' issue with the new update. You can click here to read more about that conspiracy. Also, if you're also having some problems with the new 'update',  Digital Trends has an article with suggestions on how to fix some of the issues. Good luck, though, because I haven't had any luck yet.

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