There are a ton of sure signs of summer, but none more than the crackling exploding sounds of fireworks. Whether they're store-bought or the big colossal show-stopping type, the lights and sounds are sure to fill the sky during the next few months.

Although most of us are all about the "ooooohs" and "ahhhhhhs", our four-legged family members have other thoughts. For many pets, fireworks become a source of panic, anxiety, fear, and even danger. So often we see pet owners looking for their lost dog or cat after they ran off in fear of the loudness outside.

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According to a report, fireworks measure between 150 and 175 decibels. Human ears are damaged at a mere 85 decibels. With decibels measuring the loudness of a sound hertz measures the frequency of a sound. Humans can hear to only about 20,000 hertz, while dogs can hear between 45,000 and 65,000 hertz. Think about what your pets go through this time of year!

There is really no way to control the seasonal bangs that are sure to occur, but there are a few ways to make sure your pet is calm and safe during fireworks season. Consider these suggestions to help calm your dog or cat.

5 Important Ways to Keep Your Pets Calm & Safe During Firework Season

All of the excitement we love about the summer season can be pretty traumatic and scary for our four-legged family members. Here are a few ways to ease the fear and calm your pet during firework season.


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