Organic Authority has come out with a list of 5 trails in America where you won't have to deal with any crowds - and one in Michigan made the cut. The Mount Franklin Trail on Isle Royale, on Lake Superior, is the place to go in Michigan. Last year, Isle Royale National Park had 25,000 visitors, which is a lot for them. By contrast, Yellowstone had 4.25 MILLION visitors in 2016 and the Grand Canyon had SIX million! So, if you want to get away from it all, Isle Royale with it's 1600 moose and two wolves is the place to go. (According to the State Journal, the DNR may have to add some wolves to the situation so the moose population goes down and they don't eat every plant on the island)

Here's a forum that might answer questions you may have about getting to and staying on Isle Royale. It's a commitment to go there. The boat ride just to get out to the island is three hours. If you go - send photos. I haven't been there yet - the closest I got was last summer when we went to Copper Harbor, where the boats leave to get to the island. I couldn't get a cell phone signal in Copper Harbor, but I've heard that some people at some times have gotten spotty cell service on Isle Royale. But, hey - I thought you wanted to get away from everything, so...


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