The McRib has begun its farewell tour. Some are sad and others think that is long overdue. It all depends on who you ask. Fast Food and National Restaurant Chains have become a way of life. We certainly pick our favorite spots and items from each. Did you know that five of those chains, that we probably frequent, started in the Mitten?

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Let's start with the obvious. Little Caesars has been doing there thing for awhile. They are now, "The Official Pizza of The NFL." Their Hot n Ready concept is credited with pioneering the idea for places like Rapid Fire and Blaze. We like good pizza and we like it fast. If only they could bring back those double boxes.

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Biggby got their start here in the mitten. Coffee drinks have been growing in that several years. There is a lot of competition out there, but Biggby has kept pace. For whatever reason, their menu feels less intimidating than similar type spots.

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Jet's opened back in the late 70s and has been doing their thing ever since. They also have one of the best BBQ Chicken pizzas out there. They have also been one of the fastest growing pizza chains in recent years.

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Big Boy maintains their headquarters in Warren, MI. The mascot is iconic and they have been going strong for quite awhile. If you find yourself getting up early, after a night out, they have a really good breakfast bar.

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Snackers and almond cheese butter are top notch. Olga's began a long time ago in Southeast Michigan. They are still mostly in Michigan, but they are starting to branch out.

There are plenty more like this and you can find them here. I wanted to keep these centered around the Lansing area. In case this makes you hungry, I wanted you to be able to try them!


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