Question: What should you get your mom for Mother's Day?

Answer: Taste Of Country tickets

It's not too late to get your mom a great gift for Mother's Day! Taste Of Country is coming to Cooley Law School stadium--presented by your neighborhood Michigan Ford dealers--on Saturday, June 11th! Here are 3 good reasons you should buy your mom tickets for the show:


  • 1

    Billy Currington Is Gonna Be There!

    He'll be singing all his big hits including 'People Are Crazy', 'Good Directions', 'Hey Girl', 'Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right' and a bunch more. And if you buy your mom tickets to the show, that could be HER that he's pointing at in the picture!

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  • 2

    Eli Young Band Is Gonna Be There!

    This kinda goes along with number 1. If you buy your mom tickets to Taste Of Country for Mother's Day, she'll be able to sing along to 'Drunk Last Night' and that could be HER hand that Mike Eli from the Eli Young Band is grabbing!

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  • 3

    Thompson Square Is Gonna Be There!

    In keeping with the theme of reasons 1 and 2, if you get your mom tickets to Taste Of Country, and she happens to sneak backstage, she could get HER shirt autographed from Shawna from Thompson Square.

    But...if you don't buy tickets then NONE of these things are YOUR TICKETS HERE! (You can thank me later...)

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