2020 keeps bringing us the hits. This time around it's apparently something called 'Super Lice'. I know...gross, gross, gross. But you should probably be aware of the fact that it's out there in case, well, you know, your head starts to itch all the time. (yuck)

According to a report from WGNTV in Chicago, doctors are warning parents that lice now seem to be developing a resistance to all of those special shampoo treatments you've used in the past. Therefore, there's now super lice out there and apparently they're harder to kill. (great)

So, what should you do if your child gets some of these super lice? Well, they say that you can use Ovide, which is a prescription medication and parents can also 'nit pick'. (which is never a fun process.) Doctors also say that you're going to want to keep re-treating your child because "the active lice and the lice lay eggs in the hair and those eggs may hatch 7-10 days later". (yuck) Okay, that's enough lice-talk for me. I'm out. Click here if you want to know more.

Thanks 2020.

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