According to a story from the Associated Press, if you live in the Mexican state of Sonora, as of last Monday you can't give your kid any one of 61 names that they've determined will cause said kids to get bullied. One of those names is "Facebook" - but that's not the worst one.

These are names already given to newborns recently, and they are continuing to check to see if there are more that they want to ban. Already on the list are Facebook, Martian, Rambo, a little girl named Lady Di and a little boy named Juan Calzon, which translates to English to be Juan Panties.

Alright, I get that a kid named Rambo better be tough to carry around that name. And a little girl named Lady Di is going to have to skate a little stronger to stay on the roller derby team

But Juan Panties? Unless that kid is 6' 4", 285 pounds and uses C-4 for chewing gum, it's gonna be a lengthy 7th grade. I'm with you on that one, Sonora.

Not his real name.

By: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News