Mid-Michigan is home to a huge number of hunters. And you know how much I love deer-hunting. But I'm certainly aware that not everybody feels the same way.

Kendall Jones is a 19 year old Texas Tech cheerleader from Cleburne, Texas. She happens to be a big game hunter. In fact, she wants to host a TV hunting show. She recently went big game hunting in Africa and posted some of the pictures of the animals she took on her Facebook page. Some of the animals she did kill, but some endangered animals she shot with a tranquilizer gun (a White Rhino is the one I saw) so they could be tagged and given medical attention, and then have their picture taken with her. Her hunts were legal, but now, 125,000 people (from around the world - not just the U.S.) have signed a petition to have Facebook take the photos down. Here's the story.

I really don't know what the problem is. Jim Shockey has had TV hunting shows for years. His daughter Eva, is about the same age as Kendall and she has a Facebook page with photos of her hunts. But I haven't heard about people going after her. My daughters are about Kendall's age - I don't think they'd hesitate to put these photos on Facebook.

So, what do you think?



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