Oh no! Can't we all just get along?

A 64-year-old senior citizen is in trouble with the law in Wilkesboro, NorthCarolina after starting a food fight at the Golden Corral restaurant. According to WITN.com, Polly Richards started the fight at the salad bar after a 69-year-old man went around her in line to pay when she was getting a drink. That's when Richards got angry and cursed at the man, pushed him against the wall and slappend him in the face. But that's not all...cops say that Richards also tossed a plate of food at a 62-year-old woman and it hit that woman in the knee.

After using some colorful language, Richards was charged with two counts of assault and battery and jailed on a $1500 secured bond. And the good news with this story it that there's apparently surveillance video of the whole fight. I can't wait to see that edition of COPS!