There are a lot of people who go to yard sales to find items that they can re-sell to make a profit. If you fall into this category, or think that this is something you might want to try, then you're in luck! The 2nd annual World's Largest Yard Sale is happening this Saturday from 9a-2p at the Summit Sports Complex and you might be able to find a lot of items that can make you a little richer. According to the 'garage sale coach', here are some things to look for at yard sales and be sure to check out the 2nd annual World's Largest Yard Sale this Saturday (you can find out more here.)

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    Anything BABY

    This includes strollers, monitors, baby clothes, toys and everything else for a baby. Kids are always outgrowing these items and new parents and grandparents are always looking for a deal.

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    This category is full of items to look for including computers, GPS devices, video games, iPods, cell phones, televisions and more. If you can find one of these items in its original box, the resale price could go up even higher.

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    Men love their power tools--everything from drills, saws, generators and more. Look for name brand tools and again, keep in mind that their resale value will be higher if the tool comes with the box, cords and instructions.

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    Media Items--DVDs and books

    When looking for dvds to re-sell, keep in mind that new dvds are best but TV series, older movies, foreign films, and Disney movies are also good for resale value. When it comes to books, textbooks are good to look for as well as old children's books and old romance novels.


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    When looking for jewelry items to buy and resell, costume jewelry is a good choice. However, watch for charm bracelets, charms and pendants, too. (And look for gold--it typically resells better than silver.)


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