Recently, an electrochemical engineer named Libb Thims (a cool name and NOT a typo) decided to rank the smartest people who ever lived, based on IQ and accomplishments. Most of the people on the list have IQs either measured or estimated to be around 200. According to the list published by the Business Insider, some of these geniuses have IQs around 400! I didn't know IQs could get that high, but, they probably all knew that and that's one of the many reasons you and I didn't make the list.

One MSU grad, Michael Grost, who started there in 1964 - when he was ten years old, made the list at No. 31. (To be fair - he did graduate work, later on, at U of M)

Albert Einstein came in at...No. 2.

By the way, Libb lives and works in Chicago, but he also went to school at the University of Michigan.

Here's the list.


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