* 1877 - First Westminster Dog Show was held

* 1952 - Mad Magazine debuts

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* 1985 - the 20th ACM Awards were held...Alabama & The Judds were the big winners of the night...and in 2001 at the 36th ACM's, The Dixie Chicks, Toby Keith & Faith Hill were the major winners of the night.

* 1996 - NY Yankee Dwight Gooden wins his first AL game beating Tigers 10-3

Some other events that happened on May 8th...Author Peter Benchley ("Jaws) & Ricky Nelson (son of Ozzie & Harriet) were both born in 1940.  Ann-Margaret wed Roger Smith in 1967...Donnie Osmond married Debra Glenn in 1978 and Kamehameha I, King of Hawaii died on May 8, 1819.

To see more interesting things that happened this day in history, visit www.historyorb.com/day/may/8

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