With all of the snowfall the past couple of days, I've been seeing lots of things on the web related to people and their dogs.

Dogs frolicking with owners, frolicking alone, photos of dogs with other dogs, cats, penguins...okay, maybe not penguins.

Most important, I've seen lots of great info on doggy do's and doggie don'ts, and how to take care of your dog in this weather. However, with all of the photos and info, I don't believe I have witnessed anyone or anything that makes anyone a bigger dog lover than me. And, I don't even own a dog.

Why? Because when I was out blowing snow last night, I had the foresight to take care of an extremely important need of our four-legged friends.


Now, who loves our furry friends better than I (at least on my street)? I'd say...uh...nobody...

Carry on Fido...Carry on.