The Miss Universe Pageant is Sunday night, at 8PM, in Miami, on NBC. However, Wednesday night they held the preliminary National Costume round of the competition. This is where they wear something that represents their nation. But over the years the costumes have gotten much more extravagant. Back in 1987, the lovely (now) Mrs. Banana represented the U.S. and wore a "Texas cowgirl" outfit, complete with two six-shooters. You think anybody's packing heat this year? Or ever again? I doubt it. The winner this year will be chosen by the public via Twitter and announced on Sunday night (I'm assuming). Here's the link for the instructions. Some of the costumes this year are spectacular and a few were really "off the wall".  Miss Canada is getting a LOT of attention for her "hockey inspired" costume - and frankly, love ya, Miss USA - but I have to give Canada my vote.

The former Miss USA at my house says her picks for the costume contest are Miss USA (of course), Miss Korea or Miss India. Here's the story and photos. See what YOU think.

And click below to go back in time, to 1987, to see how much things have changed. And what song are they all partying to? Wang Chung's "Let's Go" (sadly, it was no "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"). Doesn't get more "80's" than girls with big hair and shoulder pads singing a "Wang Chung" song.



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