Last weekend, for Mother's Day, my daughter and I took my lovely wife Michelle to see Disney's "Cinderella". It was classic Disney - and better than I thought it would be (despite the all too familiar "anti-hunting" lesson - but it's Cinderella - she spends a lot of time talking to mice).

This week it's my turn. We're going to see "Mad Max - Fury Road".

Last Thursday, "Mad Max" had it's Hollywood premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater. And the reviews have started coming out. Interesting thing - the character of Mad Max is not really the star of this movie. The real star is Imperator Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron, a one armed lady warrior who's out to save the bad guy's sex slaves. So maybe Hollywood has their first true female (almost) super-hero. And, more good news, a lot of the action on screen (or at least more than you would think) is real and happened in the desert of Namibia - not computer generated. Because you can always tell, right?

So somebody's a genius (probably George Miller, the director). Give all the guys crazy, mutant, muscle cars and explosions - and make the hero somebody their girlfriends and wives can cheer for.

The "Avengers" better watch out.

Here's the review from the Daily Beast.


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