According to the Livingston Daily, the road to Hell, Michigan will become easier to travel this summer. A half-mile of Patterson Lake Road leading in to the town will be overhauled this construction season.


Some of my favorite quotes in the story come from the Livingston County Road Commission managing director, Mike Craine:

“We’re going to be smoothing the road to Hell,” said Mike Craine, Livingston County Road Commission managing director.

“You can go to Hell easily now, which kind of mirrors what some people think is going on in society generally,” Craine added.


By the way, here are some interesting things that you may not know about the city of Hell:

  1. They have a wedding chapel there and you can reserve it for marriage or renewal vows for $100. (And they offer a guarantee- "if it doesn’t work, we’ll do it again for free!)
  2. You can a bring a padlock, and throw your key into Hell Creek to seal your love. (A tradition that started in Paris.)
  3. Get your diploma from Damnation University!
  4. You can become "Mayor of Hell" for a day! (For a fee.)
  5. And there's a  Hellfest Hearse Show & Nightmare Cruise on September 21st. (It's been happening for 12 years!)