Next Tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of the "low speed white Bronco chase" of O.J. Simpson and his friend, A.C. Cowling. Do you remember where you were? I was at a T.G.I. Fridays, with my wife, in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a Friday night, so the place was packed. And every TV in the place had the chase on. 95 million people watched coverage of "the chase", that ended up in O.J.'s driveway at a little after 11PM Eastern time.

I had been a HUGE O.J. Simpson fan, growing up. Before we moved to Missouri, we lived in Southern California, so I was a big USC football fan - and O.J. was one of the greatest players to ever come out of USC. So, I was ready to believe he was innocent, until I saw him on the run that night.

The ensuing trial started the following January and lasted eight months, ending with the famous "not guilty" verdict on October 3, 1995 at 1PM.

Here's a great story from the Washington Post about how the trial changed media in America.

And here's a slideshow from Yahoo News featuring all the big players in the trial and what's happened to them since.

If you are too young to remember the "Bronco chase", here's what it looked like:


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