NASA is running a simulation, on top of a volcano in Hawaii, to test how people react to living in close quarters. According to the Huffington Post, six people - three men and three women - all strangers, will be living and working in a 1000 square foot enclosure for four months. They will only be allowed to communicate by email with their family and friends. They will be allowed 8 minutes of shower time PER WEEK, so, they will all stink. The experiment is four months - the REAL trip to Mars in twenty years or so will take two and a half YEARS.

This morning, Stephanie and I talked about this story and wondered, "if you could pick five people to go with you into this experiment or off to Mars with you, who would you take?"

Take a moment and think about that. Who makes the cut? And who's left waving "bye-bye" at the launchpad? People picked for this experiment or astronauts don't get to pick. You do. Choose wisely.

Want me to start? OK.

I'd take my wife Michelle (not 'cause I have to - we actually work pretty well together.)

I'd take Les Stroud, the guy from the TV show "Survivorman".

I'd take Ellen DeGeneres. I don't think she weighs very much, so we could pack more into the spaceship - and she's funny.

MacGyver and Xena:Warrior Princess (or Wonder Woman-haven't decided)

And no, Stephanie's not going because she says she doesn't want to go to Mars. I know - crazy.

Three guys, three women. Your turn.

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