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During the week of September 27, 1975, the song "Lyin' Eyes", by the Eagles, released just 3 weeks earlier, entered the Top 40 of the Billboard "Hot 100" chart. It would go to No. 2 on the "Hot 100" chart (couldn't get past Elton John's "Island Girl" for No. 1) - and went to No. 8 on the Country Chart.

Don Henley and Glenn Frey wrote "Lyin' Eyes" after hanging out at the bar at Dan Tana's Restaurant, on Santa Monica Blvd, in West Hollywood. Henley's story is that the band met a lot of beautiful married women at the bar and Don and Glenn speculated about what their lives were like when they went home to their rich husbands.

In fact, Dan Tana's is still there. Here's a photo of that bar.

If there was ever a better country song about drinking and cheating and busted dreams, you'll have to play it for me. Happy 40th, "Lyin Eyes".

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Here's the Eagles performing "Lyin' Eyes", live in Washington D.C., in 1977:



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