If you missed the announcement on Thursday, our friend and WITTLE family member, "Pat Masters from Jackson" passed away on Wednesday from a massive heart attack. The WITL staff would like to thank everyone for sharing their comments about Pat.

Here are just a few of the comments from members of the WITTLE family:

Colleen Wager: The birthday announcements will never be the same. I always looked forward to seeing how many people had birthday wishes from "Ray and Pat Masters from Jackson!" My heart goes out to Pat's family and her friends. CW - Leslie, MI

Tori Saylor: Thank you for writing this about my Grandma. It would have meant the world to her.

Patricia Buckels Sonnenberg: I had the privilege of knowing this wonderful lady my entire life, along with the honor of being named after her. She will be greatly missed. I love you Aunt Pat.

Christy Wegienka Michels: So sorry to hear about Pat. Prayers to the Masters family, may god guide you through this time of sorrow.

Amy Trotter: Aww your report on the radio got me all teary eyed too ! My thoughts are with the masters and WITL family! We need to honor Pat by always taking time to reach out to our loved ones, especially on their special days!

Elizabeth Buckels: I am Pat's cousin and very good friend. She would be so happy to hear all this nice things about her. She is in Heaven looking down and saying "I love it " Rest in peace Pat, you will be forever missed.

Barb Falor: Thoughts and prayers going out to the family. I, along with other listeners, would listen to see if she had added anyone to that list.

Pam Rhoades Tingay: When my hours at work were different I would arrive at the time you were doing Birthdays. I always smiled when you said Pat Masters from Jackson. Then not long ago saw her picture in the paper. Sending Witl a big hug!!! And to Pat's family, may it bring peace to you to know she touched so many!!!

Carol Jacques-Jeffrey: My condolences to Ray and his family. Although I didn't know Pat personally, I also looked forward to seeing how many people had birthday wished from "Ray and Pat Masters from Jackson" They didn't seem to miss anyone's birthday they knew and beyond. It takes a special person to make sure they remember a birthday in today's busy society. I know she will be missed greatly as I will miss her birthday wishes on WITL to people I don't even know.

Kim Howard Chesney:  She was truly an amazing lady who will be dearly missed!

Marlene Meade: As I am driving into work this morning and heard your announcement about this amazing lady passing away, I had tears in my eyes. I knew Pat and Ray from many years of bowling in Jackson. To Ray and his family, and to the WITL family - I give my sincere condolences.

Dawn Therrian-Taylor: So sad. Will miss her on the morning shows. Prayers to her family and her extended family at WITL.