Today on "Stump the Chumps", our question came from Vernieta, from Lansing. Her question for us was:

"What pre-show ritual does Billy Currington perform before each concert?"

Of course, the obvious answer is, "sacrifice a goat." Surprisingly, that was not the answer. Apparently, before every show, Billy downs a shot of virgin olive oil. Yeah, that was pretty much our reaction, too.

But Billy is a healthy eater. According to our friends at the Taste Of Country website, Billy is a juicer and says he drinks a lot of coconut water. Here's a story about Billy's healthy eating habits.

And, here's why you would drink olive oil.

We'll ask him about the olive oil when we see Billy, on June 11th, for the big Taste of Country - Lansing concert, downtown, at the Cooley Law School Stadium. For tickets, click here.


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