This story starts with the story of American teenage cheerleader Kendall Jones, who likes to hunt - and that made the internet mad. Click here for my post about this.

And then it goes here - to a story about a teenage girl, photographed while rooting for her soccer team, from Belgium, at the World Cup. She got a modeling contract after her photo went viral on the internet. But, then she posted a photo of herself, with a gemsbok she shot in Africa. And that made the internet mad - and scared the people at L'Oreal into firing her. Click here.

Now, we come to legendary director Steven Spielberg. When he filmed the movie "Jurrasic Park", Spielberg took a photo with a FAKE, dead, dinosaur prop. Somebody posted a SATIRICAL, disgraced, response on Facebook. But the internet thinks Steven really shot and killed a Triceratops dinosaur. And that makes it very mad. Click here.

Caution - the internet has a bad potty mouth. Read the responses at your own risk.

Just wondering what the WITL Nation thinks. I have a pretty good idea, but.....


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