My son loves the game of baseball. He plays, eats, sleeps and breathes the game of baseball. So his mother and I have always tried to do everything we can to support this love. However, some things you are just not able to make happen.

I came home from work a couple of nights ago to find my son interested in purchasing the old pitcher's mound from the Metrodome. That's where the Minnesota Twins used to play before moving into Target Field. By the way, this pitcher's mound is supposed to be legendary too...

The current online bid at that time? $360.00 (yikes!!!)

After explaining that we wouldn't be spending that kind of money for a baseball mound, and even if we did, where would we put it...he finally gave up the dream himself when he found out that if we bought it, we'd have to go pick it up.

Now really, how do you pick up a pitcher's mound?