First of all, happy 'Throwback Thursday'! Second, here's some good news...I guess...the experts are saying that the average cost of prom has dropped this year!

According to US News, the average household in the Midwest region of the United States will spend $978 in 2014 on the prom this year. That's a 14 percent decrease from 2013, when families spent $1,139 on clothes, limousine rentals, tickets and dinner, but still 21 percent higher than in 2011, when the average cost was $807.

Now, let me explain this prom dress that I was wearing in 1987. It was a "hand me down" from a girl that had worn it the year before to our high school prom. I think it weighed about 20 pounds and it was a very light lavendar color. My half-gloves were lace-ish and my hair was pulled back in to a fabulous banana-clip with a white bow fastened at the top. I know what you're thinking...'awesome'...right?

Here's a group photo that I found from that year as well. (I'm in the bottom row, second from the right. The girl not smiling.)

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie McCoy Images