First - thanks to everybody who entered our "Virtual Buck Pole" contest. There were some NICE bucks entered. And thumbs up to the lady hunters, who made a nice showing with two out of the top five vote-getters.

The results are in and it was close! First and second place were separated by only 17 votes!

Congratulations to our winner, Danny Short, who can be seen in photo number 15.

Second was Doug McComb in photo number 14, and third place went to Carly Wagonschutz, seen in photo number 36. Fourth went to Michael Odenwald in photo number 10 and fifth place went to Kim Mikola in number 19.

Nice job, everybody - and good luck to everybody who's still out there hunting for the big one. Me, included!

You can see all the winners, and all other entries, in the full Virtual Buck Pole photo gallery above.

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