Back in the 1960s, your average NASCAR pit stop took about 45 seconds. That was for filling the gas tank and changing two tires. They're a lot faster now, in the year 2016. It's not unusual to see 12 or 13 second pit stops. There have been a few UNDER 11 seconds.

BUT, I guess that's not fast enough.

The wheel of a tire used in NASCAR races has five lugnuts. Or at least it should. According to, some NASCAR teams are gambling when they need fast pit stops these days and only using four lugnuts. And SOMETIMES they only use THREE. And that's why you've started to see more wheel vibration problems and even wheels coming OFF of cars during races.

Everybody knows it's going on. NASCAR says they'll continue to "monitor the situation".

Dale JR is not a fan. "I’ve had a few come off and it never ends well. I don’t want any to come off." According to the website article, "Earnhardt would prefer to remain in the dark with the decision rather than worry about how secure his wheels are after leaving pit road".

Scary. Here's the article. See ya on WITL tomorrow at 7:05AM for NASCAR News.


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