OMG! That turkey looks so sad/mad!!! Perhaps he knows that his life is coming to an abrupt end very soon. Or perhaps he is sad because it might be too windy in NYC for the balloons to fly in the Thanksgiving parade. Who knows...but THAT is the best picture of a turkey I have EVER seen in my life. (And of course, I spend a lot of my free time checking out photos of turkeys online...who doesn't...duh...) Anyway, I have to say that I have the best family ever. First of all, my oldest brother and his wife host Thanksgiving so I don't have to worry about "hosting" anything. Second, apparently they are aware of my cooking skills and don't make me bring anything to eat. All that I am in charge of bringing is my lovely personality, my husband and son and..........wait for it.......pop.

Yep. Two liters of pop. That's it. So, this is a photo of what I bought yesterday for our Thanksgiving. What was really fun at the store was me trying to provoke a fight between the Pepsi guy and the Coke guy. They were both there at the same time and started fighting about which brand I should buy. Okay...."fighting" is a little exaggerated.....but whatever...The Pepsi guy was saying how I shouldn't buy Coke and then the Coke guy said that I should and then they started to wrestle and....wait....that part didn't happen...

Anyway, I proceeded to make friends with the Coke guy and told him about my obsession I have with their My Coke Rewards program and all the free stuff that I've gotten with their promotion. (By the way, if anyone has any Coke codes from the packages that they don't want, I'm your girl....please...shameless begging...)

So, that's my big contribution to our family Thanksgiving. No pumpkin pie. No cranberry sauce. No deep-fried turkey. Just pop. (Mayor Bloomberg does NOT approve this message.)

Happy Thanksgiving!