Get ready. I'm about to save some relationships.

If you are a boyfriend or husband, you will, at some point, be called on to do something outside your comfort zone with your "significant other". Stuff like shopping and arts and crafts. If you are a guy living in "girl world" (like me), where you are the only guy, this will happen much more often. In the (paraphrased) words of Joe Louis - "you can run, but you can't hide".

A couple of months ago, my daughter Lauren, came home to visit and it was decided by my wife and daughters that we would all go to a place in Frandor that we'd visited before called "Playing Picasso". At Playing Picasso, you pick out an unfinished ceramic plate or mug or bowl and you decorate it. Then you leave it there so they can throw it in a kiln - and then you have a masterpiece.

Over several years, we've been there three times. I decorated a mug in camo with my drawing of an elk. I decorated a big plate with mystery symbols, like something you'd see on "Ancient Aliens". (They mean something, but nobody has figured it out yet) And this is my latest masterpiece.

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They can make you stencils and then you fill them in, so I'm not as talented as it looks. But you probably already guessed that. I went for the minimalist look. And then posed with the, "what are you looking at?" look when I got it back. Just to prove you can make everybody happy and not lose your "guy card". I'd actually suggest this place. They'll be shocked, and you'll have a cool plate for pancakes and bacon.







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