I pulled our WITL Star Guitar out the other day from it's super-secret location...okay, it's just sitting in my office...to give it a look. It's pretty impressive with a bunch of autographs from some huge Country stars. Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan and as you can see, the list goes on.

One day we'll give this one away, just like other Star Guitars in the past, which reminded me of a story.

Our last Star Guitar included the autographs of Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and American Idol runner-up and Country singer, Bucky Covington.

Bucky signed the guitar first, then it was Blake. Miranda was the last of the three to sign the guitar. When she spotted Blake's autograph, she signed her name above it with a "heart" between her name and Blake's.

Miranda Lambert "Hearts" Blake Shelton. Well, of course.

Except when I got back to the station and gave the guitar a closer look, the autograph that Miranda "hearted" was Bucky's, not Blake's!

Miranda Lambert "hearts" Bucky Covington?!?

Well, no...

Blake and Bucky's autographs did look alike on the guitar, so it was an honest mistake...not tabloid fodder or anything like that...just a great story.