According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jana Kramer has signed up for a role in a new musical film titled Country Crush. The musical focuses on a city girl named Nancy Taylor who falls for a guy (Charlie) that she meets while going to a party in the country. Charlie then joins her in New York City as her music career starts to take off. Janan will not be playing the role of Nancy, she will be playing the role of Charlie's sister-in-law. (Confused yet?)

Jana made her television debut back in 2003 when she appeared on the soap opera, All My Children. Since then she's been on several TV shows including One Tree Hill, Private Practice, CSI:NY, Friday Night Lights, Entourage and the Nationwide Insurance commercials. This also won't be the first time that Jana Kramer has been in a film. She had small supporting roles in ClickProm Night and Spring Breakdown.

And if you haven't had a chance to see Jana's performance of "I Got The Boy" at WITL, you can check it out here: