OK, so maybe it is a little creepy - but I think it will help put some bad guys in jail.

Researchers at Michigan State are working on making 3-D prints of the fingerprints of victims of homicide, so police can unlock phones protected by fingerprint sensors and retrieve evidence.

(I know, I had the same thought - didn't I already pay 8 bucks to see this movie? No, that's right - they just chopped off fingers in that movie)

According to qz.com, last month, officers from the MSU Police Department were trying to figure out how to help another agency get into the phone of a homicide victim, when they figured out the answer may be in their own backyard. They contacted computer science professor Anil Jain and his PhD student Sunpreet Arora, experts on biometric identifiers like facial recognition programs. The thought was to take a fingerprint, 3-D print it to mimic the real thing and use it to access the victim's phone.

Pretty smart - on everybody's part. Here's the story.


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