You ever been hypnotized? Years ago, when I lived in Pittsburgh, I used to DJ at after-proms. Halfway through the night, there was invariably a built in break where we'd shut the music down and a comedian, magician or hypnotist would entertain the kids. I saw the same hypnotist perform - a lot. And it was always funny to see the biggest football player in school acting like a chicken. Let me just say - when a kid that big and tough acts like a chicken - it's real.

I guess some of the Michigan State football players fell under a hypnotic spell the other night at training camp. According to Joe Rexrode, of the Free Press, MSU Coach Dantonio brought in a hypnotist and fun was had by all. MSU offensive line coach Mark Staten said, "I've never seen anything like that in my life".

Everybody now - in a monotone voice: "Must beat Ohio State. Must beat Ohio State".

Here's the story.


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