You ever been hypnotized? Years ago, when I lived in Pittsburgh, I used to DJ at after-proms. Halfway through the night, there was invariably a built in break where we'd shut the music down and a comedian, magician or hypnotist would entertain the kids. I saw the same hypnotist perform - a lot. And it was always funny to see the biggest football player in school acting like a chicken. Let me just say - when a kid that big and tough acts like a chicken - it's real.

I guess some of the Michigan State football players fell under a hypnotic spell the other night at training camp. According to Joe Rexrode, of the Free Press, MSU Coach Dantonio brought in a hypnotist and fun was had by all. MSU offensive line coach Mark Staten said, "I've never seen anything like that in my life".

Sitting in the audience, outside linebacker Chris Frey Jr. caught a few seconds on video and posted it to Twitter. Watch as the hypnotist (BTW - anybody know who he is?) suggests that his subjects start laughing for no reason whatsoever:


Everybody now - in a monotone voice: "Must beat Ohio State. Must beat Ohio State".

Here's the story.


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