Thanks, Spartans. Seriously.

In early March, I had my fingers crossed when I clicked "MICH ST" to go to the Final Four in my bracket. The rest of my bracket fell apart pretty quick, but thanks to Tom Izzo and the rest of the Spartans, that part worked out well. Quite the ride (again), huh?

So what about next year? Izzo's probably got it all planned out in his head already, but for the rest of us, what can we expect?

The Denzel and Tum Tum Show, that's what.

According to Steve Grinczel, at, with a minute left in the game on Saturday night, Denzel Valentine told Coach Izzo,  "I'm going to get you here next year, coach". That "here" is the Final Four in Houston next March. Cocky is one thing, but confidence with the talent to back it up is a beautiful thing.

Looking forward to next year, Denzel.

And I get it CBS Sports, "Tum Tum" is a fun name to say. Shut up and just let the kid play.

Here's the rundown on who's who on next year's team.


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