From the 'why didn't we think of that department'...

If you've got a picky pizza-eater in your house--you know, the one that can't have the pepperoni touching the mushrooms--or a ham and pineapple lover (like myself)--or the person obsessed with green peppers (yuck)--here's some good news--there could soon be an end to the pizza arguments in your house! And you can thank a fellow Michigan resident for the idea!

Blake Pierman, from Bath Township, has invented the Your Slyce pizza divider. It's a silicone ring that fits around a 14-inch homemade pizza and allows people to add individual toppings to eight slices before putting it in the oven. See? Why didn't we think of that....?

He's had a great response with the pizza divider at this point. According to the Lansing State Journal, two weeks ago, Pierman struck deals with Amazon, Toys “R” Us and Bed Bath & Beyond to list the product on their websites. He is also talking with the people from Kmart, Sears and Walmart to list it on their websites. The pizza divider costs between $16.99-$19.99 before shipping. You can order one by going to his website at

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