Today is the 75th birthday of Lee Majors - the star of the 70's TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man" (who, BTW, was born in Michigan)

That would, of course, be reason enough to celebrate. But what's even better, is the news that the University of Michigan has announced they have conducted four surgeries, so far, to implant "bionic eyes" - which allowed patients who had lost their sight, to regain at least SOME of their vision. And, one of the recipients was a man from Reed City, Michigan, which is south of Cadillac.

In 1976, if you had told 16 year old Banana Don, that someday there'd be REAL "bionic eyes", he would have said, "Sorry, what did you just say? I'm watching "Charlie's Angels".

If you have never seen "The Six Million Dollar Man" - I pity you. So, here's the awesome opening to the show:


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