Even if you don't like spicy food, you probably know somebody who does. I'm not a big fan, but I've gone along with friends over the years to Thai and Indian restaurants where I kept a cold glass of water (or some other "beverage") handy. They may have had the right idea all along.

According to the Washington Post, research has just been published this week that shows "people who ate spicy foods 1-2 times a week had a 10 percent lower risk of death than those who rarely or never ate them". And this study is based on s sample of almost 500,000 people in China, who were tracked for, on average, seven years. So, it's not like it was somebody's frat brothers over a weekend.

I never would have guessed spicy food was good for you. It seems (to me) that food in restaurants has gotten spicier over the last few years. I just thought it was because the national chains were trying to make their food stand out from the crowd. Little did I know they were trying to save my life.

Thank you, corporate chain restaurants.

Here's the story.


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