Those orange road construction barrels you've been seeing up close all summer? They're not orange enough. Especially at night.

According to a story in the Free Press, construction barrels used to have lights on them  so they'd be easier to see. But the state of Michigan (and most of the other states) did away with the lights in 2006. Because the lights cost $24. And the state had to spend time and money to change the batteries every four months, which was dangerous. (Couldn't they be changed while they were off the road - during the winter?)


NOW, some people at MDOT say we need brighter tape to put on the barrels, so we can see them better at night. And that's going to cost between $22 and $27 more per barrel. So, the question is, "were the lights safer and cost effective - or not?"

Stay tuned for more of "As The Barrel Shines".

Here's the story.



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