The contestant's name is Arthur Chu. He has been called many names by angry viewers and he has to be one of the most unorthodox players the show has seen in its many years. However, I don't think he's doing anything wong. If you haven't seen this guy in action, here's what he's been doing on the show:

Chu often chooses the "higher-priced" questions first in a category instead of starting at the top of that subject and working down like most contestants do on Jeopardy. He also doesn't stick with one category and constantly changes up which category he is choosing in order to try and intimidate and "mess with" the other contestants. (Which must be a nightmare for the producers.) He also messes with his bets. In fact, he purposely picked a dollar amount on one of the shows so that he would tie another contestant, therefore, the show would have to pay them both!

Some people love him. (He will be donating some of his winnings to a research foundation to find a cure for fibromyalgia, a disease that afflicts his wife.)  Some people hate him. (I've seen and heard him referred to as the new "Jeopardy villain.")

You should watch the show tonight and let me know how you feel about this guy. (7:30pm on NBC)