If I haven't told you, I've always been a huge fan of Fox TV's "24".

I am very happy that the show is coming back on May 5th and I'm looking forward to seeing how the new format will work. That being each one hour episode will represent 2 hours of the day. You may remember that previously, each one hour episode represented one hour of the day.

Since my wife knows what a super fan I am of the show, for Valentine's Day she bought me this cool action figure.

I'm not sure if she did it as a gag or not, but now Jack stands atop one of my cabinets in my office, overseeing the events of the day...and guarding a Taylor Swift commemorative too, I might add.

It's just a reminder to one and all, colleagues and bad guys alike, that if you decide to go off the rails...Jack is back...and he's watching...and he won't be amused.

Just like on Fox on May 5th. I can't wait.